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South East Adventure

South East Adventure

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An enriching islets experience where discoveries never stop! A breathtaking trip for nature lovers, history aficionados and anyone who wants to learn about Mauritius and its past.

The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation will take you along to discover the nature reserve of Ile aux Aigrettes, an island that the foundation has been managing since 1987. Their intensive conservation efforts have resulted in the restoration of the forest and reintroduction of rare species that had since long disappeared from Mauritius. This is a rare opportunity to have a glimpse of what the flora and the fauna used to be many years ago.

After your visit to Ile aux Aigrettes, you will continue to Ile de la Passe, a fortress island that once guarded the access to the main port of Mauritius. Packed with history, the buildings on this rocky islet reveal French and British colonial times and illustrations made during WWII. 


The adventure continues to Ile aux Fouquets, also known as Ile aux Phare, which used to be the lighthouse leading the way to the entrance of the old port. The walls of the old lighthouse still stand today.


Lunch is served at La Case du Pecheur Restaurant, where you will be seated by the sea to enjoy fresh seafood of the locality and venison from the neighbouring hunting lodge. 

  • Meeting point and embarkation at Pointe Jerome, Mahebourg. 
  • Discover Ile aux Aigrettes, an island listed as a nature reserve and a sanctuary to a number of species of native plants, birds, and reptiles. 
  • Get acquainted with Mauritian history on Ile de la Passe. Because of its geographical position, it played a key role to keeping an eye on naval movements during the colonial times. A large part of its fortification, dating from the Napoleonic era, have been restored. 
  • Venture to Ile aux Fouquets, one of the islets that witnessed major events during the colonial times. Over and above their history, these islets have a unique environmental character. 
  • Lunch at La Case du Pecheur Restaurant, where General Charles Decaen, Governor of the Isle of France, had found refuge during the Battle of Grand Port. This place is a Mauritian landmark that offers a unique seafood experience to locals and travelers alike.