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Sega Tipik Concert

Sega Tipik Concert

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Moris Otreman invites you on 23rd November to an intimate festive concert with the local sega singer and musician Jose Legris, son of the famous Mauritian sega artist Michel Legris. Jose is not only a manufacturer of the traditional sega music instruments but also a very talented musician and an incredible sega dancer.


He will give you a mind-blowing concert with the iconic sega rhythms and invite you to test your sega dancing moves in the stunning and serene surroundings of Anse-la-Raie. Share this memorable moment with friends and family over colourful drinks and local foods.


Jose Legris will also invite you on a journey back in time enlightening you about the history of the sega music and dance and how it became a rooted part of the Mauritian culture. You will also get to learn about the unique process of manufacturing the different sega instruments.


This concert is a great opportunity to party like a local and meet people from all around the island including tourists. This 3 hours concert starts at 5 pm on Thursday 23rd of November.

  • Event date: 23rd November 2018 - 5 pm - 3 hours concert
  • Attend a unique Sega Tipik Concert with the famous sega musician, singer and dancer Jose Legris
  • Learn about the history of sega music and dance and how it became rooted in Mauritius
  • Location: Les Palétuviers in Anse-la-Raie at Rivière Du Rempart
  • Drinks (water, juice, local beer) and finger food (typical Mauritian “gajaks” like “Gato Pima” and samosas) are included